Musée du Malgré-Tout
Musée du Malgré-Tout
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Free guided tour and workshops for all

Every weekend and on national holidays

Almost every weekend and on national holidays, a guided tour or a different workshop at 14h are offered without extra charge while the entrance fee has been paid, whatever you come alone or with a group.

Saturday 30 septembre Guided tour
Sunday 01 october Guided tour
Saturday 07 october Workshop "Prehistoric hunting"
Sunday 08 october Workshop "Prehistoric hunting"
Saturday 14 october Guided tour
Sunday 15 october Activity "Fire before matches"
Saturday 21 october Workshop "Prehistoric painting"
Sunday 22 october Workshop "Prehistoric painting"
Saturday 28 october Workshop "Egyptian hieroglyphs"
Sunday 29 october Halloween
Mercredi 1 november Guided tour
Saturday 4 november Activity "Fire before matches"
Sunday 5 november Workshop "Prehistoric hunting"
Saturday 11 november Guided tour
Saturday 18 november Workshop "Prehistoric painting"
Sunday 19 november Workshop "Prehistoric painting"
Saturday 25 november Workshop "Egyptian hieroglyphs"
Sunday 26 november Workshop "Egyptian hieroglyphs"
Saturday 09 december Guided tour
Sunday 10 december Guided tour
Sunday 17 december Workshop "Prehistoric painting"
Saturday 23 december Workshop "Egyptian hieroglyphs"
Saturday 30 december Activity "Fire before matches"