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Taupe niveau

Follow the mole to discover the past

Expo Taupe Niveau

Why are the archaeological remnants under the ground? Why do we have to preserve them and, in case of need, excavate them careully? Which stories dothey have to tell?

Answer these very simple questions is to prove how precious the buried remnants are. They are unique and fragile archives, not always simple to decipher. The archaeology is to investigate : it's using these remnants and clues when they are endangered and may disappear to understand and to spread their testimony.

Better than any written document (which doesn't exist for the earliest periods), the archaeological remnants show the day-to-day activities of people. They tell us the their way of living, feeding, their community, their costoms and beliefs.

Por the individuals as well as for the societies, a good memory is a asset. We don't know where we're going if we don't know where we're coming from : the past is an indispensable mark, who help to understand the present and to look ahead to the future. By saving the memories kept in the ground, the archaeology contribute to write the common history. And often, moreover, it gives emotions...

Become a mole and dig the ground : running by chance through the maze of dark galleries, tou might discover remnants of various times, which all have a history to tell. A diving in the memory Une plongée dans la mémoire à by torchlight, to not be myopic like a mole!

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